☆I show the stars how to shine!☆ (by Eimi Bongiovi-Jaggerová)

tak to si bola ty na tej nejakej stránke ako admin? :DDead life! (by Christina Horrible)

Rockquiem (by Maximiliano Pohle)

Rock Go (A)Round Austria (by Maximiliano Pohle)

ty máš fúru tak dokonalých outfitov. Mať tak možnosť poskladať toho toľko aj z mojích vecí. Jealous.Utagoe Kissa “Modern” (by Haru In Wonderland)

I just love your looks, you’re perfect and absolutely amazing! Gothic doll (by Siuk Ho)

wow :)THE ORIENT EXPRESS (by Andre Judd)

☆Winter Dive 2011!☆ (by Maximiliano Pohle)


oh! It’s merry-go-round dress from 6%dokidoki! I so want it! :)Sweet cactus (by Laura Dambremont)

♥♥♥I have a fondness for black and white. (by Vanessa Lopa)

OMG, I love this!Berry stripes (by Carolina Martins)

Call “Meow, meow” if you wanna call the kitten (by Maximiliano Pohle)

oh! wow! Halloween party (by Laura Dambremont)

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